My Style

You’ve seen a little bit about me, now heres a bit about my photography style 🙂

I think it is important to talk about photography styles as there are so many out there and I believe some suit different people more than others.

I believe my style is adaptable and suits most occasions as the emphasis is on documenting your day or your family without taking over. I love spontaneous moments and do not want to hinder them in any way 🙂

I generally prefer to use ambient light to capture the atmosphere, emotion and the feelings of your day or family. If you want your wedding / family photography experience to be natural, creative, romantic (more for the weddings) and modern then you’re in the right place!


I love love love everything about wedding days and have a genuine passion for photography, which I believe shows through to the superior images I make

I really enjoy all the moments which make up a wedding day but there are several moments within the big day which really get me excited.

The Preparations

lincolnshire wedding photography
Preparation -Wedding Photography - Mel Cowell Photogarphypreparation shot Mel Cowell wedding photographyPreperation shots Mel Cowell Photography

Everything is happening! The flowers are being delivered, the make up is being applied and the hair is being teased, everyone is running around and there are people everywhere. But in all this excitement, nerves and dare I say it panic (that all is going to go smoothly) there are seconds and moments of pure beauty and tranquility, which I think are so important to capture as they are gone so quickly

The Details

You have no doubt been thinking about this day for some time taking a lot of time to decide on the perfect settings and considering every small detail. You may have even roped in willing volunteers to help make many aspects of the day yourselves and you naturally want those carefully considered details documenting and featuring in the record of your day. Shoes, dress, flowers and rings amongst other things

The Romantic Couple Shots


Most of my couples come to me saying that they do not like being photographed and it is my job to help you relax enjoy the experience. I will take you away from your guests for a short time so that you can enjoy some time on your own, talk to each other and catch your breath. These will not be ‘formally’ posed and I won’t ask you to do anything that feels awkward so don’t worry I won’t get you to strike a pose or do anything you do not want to do. I will step back and watch the magic happen and capture the emotion and romance between you. I encourage all my couples to have an engagement shoot before their special day as this helps people to relax on the day and helps me get to know you both better.

I believe images from your wedding day are very special and should  take you back to that day and bring back all those memories and moments you planned so meticulously? I want you to have images that you will cherish and an album which tells your unique journey over and over again for years to come.